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Meta Investing (MetaInvesting) is a partner of a largest international investment holding .

MetaInvesting company’s mission is to provide you with effective investment solutions to ensure not only the preservation of the capital but also capital gains.

The foundation on which is built the company’s business – European investment tradition, complemented by innovations and high technologies.

European investment tradition, complemented by innovations and high technologies are the foundation of the company’s business structure.

Using a combination of fundamental and technical analysis, we study the stock markets and emitters, determine trends, monitor political and legislative changes across the world.

As a result, of this rigorous work are investment strategies that provide investors with stable income and capital protection.

Result of this rigorous work is a creation of the investment strategies, that provide investors with stable income and protection of the capital protection.

MetaInvesting Company is the largest broker in the market that provides the ability to trade on a financial market.

our trading software is a modern financial instrument for trading currency pairs and liquid goods. our software is the perfect solution for traders who aim to get a quick financial result.

our trading software is a unique tool for earning share-known companies (eg, Apple, Google, Microsoft, McDonalds, etc.), and the stock market indices (Dow Jones, NASDAQ, etc.), commodities (oil, gold, gas), as well as currencies.

Offering variations of assets, trading software system is so simple that does not require pre-employment training trader or a large start-up capital.

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